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Reduce Indoor Air Pollution in Chicago

The air in your Chicago area home may be 70% more polluted than outside air. That can be dangerous to the health of you and your family. The source of much of that pollution comes from inside your heating and air conditioning ductwork, which are lined with deposits that include bacteria, fungi, dust, pet hair, pet dander, and other contaminants. Molds, too, accumulate in damp ducts. All of these contaminants continually circulate in your home whenever your furnace or air conditioner is running. The result may be allergies or asthma, resulting in runny noses, eye irritation, and a general run-down feeling. Stale odors, too, come from dirty air ducts.

Air Duct Cleaning, when performed by professional, trained technicians with powerful equipment, can rid your air ducts of these contaminants, restoring the air circulating in your home to a clean, healthful condition. We recommend that your ductwork be cleaned at least once a year.

Rely only on our professional Air Duct Cleaning by trained personnel using powerful van mounted equipment. Air Duct Cleaning, done properly, can remove the build-up of contaminants leaving clean, healthful air circulation in your home. Chicago Air Duct Cleaning recommends that you have your air ducts cleaned annually in most cases.

Reduce Allergies with Chicago Air Duct Cleaning

In Chicago, as in most Midwestern cities, allergies can be a constant problem. No matter what season it is, allergens in our homes can circulate all year through our heating and cooling system air ducts. They accumulate inside the ductwork and can reappear in your home’s air at any time. If your home is tightly sealed, the problem can be made even worse.

Chicago has some pretty extreme weather. Cold winters, summer heat and humidity, and winds make homeowners close their homes up much of the time. Even though this helps keep energy costs down, it traps all of the air, along with the dust and other debris, inside the house. That dust and debris accumulated inside the air ducts, only to break free and re-circulate again and again. Many allergens make up part of that dust, so your family is constantly exposed to allergens year round. Here are the facts about allergens in your home:

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Chicago Air Duct Cleaners can handle any job. We clean both residential and commercial air ducts, furnaces, air conditioning systems, chimneys, water heaters, and dryer vents. As a certified member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, we’re the most professional duct cleaning company anywhere in the Chicago area. Our technicians have extensive training and the very best van-mounted equipment available. Out top priority is your complete satisfaction. Contact us now to schedule duct cleaning or any of our other services!