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Water Heater Cleaning Chicago, IL

Most Chicago homeowners never give their hot water heater a thought. That’s not wise, since dust and debris can build up inside the heater’s burner assembly and interfere with proper operation. This can cause problems, such as:

Cleaning your gas hot water heater’s burners and combustion chamber can prolong the life of the heater and save energy through more efficient operation. A Chicago Duct Cleaning technician will inspect your hot water heater’s burner assembly for dust and debris at no charge at every duct cleaning, and advise you if cleaning is needed.

Special Water Heater Cleaning Value – $57.00

With the purchase of any duct cleaning – If needed, our trained technician will clean burners, the burner assembly, orifices and pilot assembly in your hot water heater. This will restore efficient operation and return your hot water heater to proper function. If needed, combining this service with your duct cleaning is an affordable way to keep this important appliance in top condition.

  • Lower the thermostat setting – If your water heater’s temperature is set higher than 120F, lower it to that setting. It will save money and prevent scalding.
  • Add insulation – You can purchase a wrap-around hot water heater blanket at any home supply store and save.
  • Insulate pipes– To prevent heat loss, insulate the first 6 feet of the hot and cold water pipes from the hot water heater.
  • Flush sediments – Remove built-up sediment inside your hot water heater every three months by draining a gallon or so of hot water from the heater drain valve.

Combine Chicago Duct Cleaners Services And Save!

When Chicago Duct Cleaners comes to clean the air ducts in your Chicago area home, take the opportunity to combine services and save. Our professional technicians will advise you whether you need to clean your hot water heater. You can save over 50% of the regular price by having it done right then.