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Air Conditioner Cleaning, Chicago, IL

Regular cleaning and maintenance is vital to the health and efficiency of your central air conditioning unit. Cooling fins become clogged throughout the year by dirt and debris, lowering your unit’s efficiency and raising your energy bills. Neglecting regular cleanings is also one of the leading causes of air conditioner failure. Be sure to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long by having our technicians clean and check your air conditioner.

Keeping your central air conditioning system clean and inspected is an important annual job. The system’s cooling fins may become clogged during the year and reduce air conditioner efficiency, costing you money in higher energy bills. Worse, neglected air conditioners often fail prematurely. Keep your home cool and save money by letting our technicians check your system every year.

FREE! Clean Air Conditioner Special

With a Rotary Brush duct cleaning. Regular Price: $197.95 – Over a year’s time, lots of dust and debris can collect in your outdoor Air Conditioning unit. Even grass, leaves, and twigs can accumulate. This debris interferes with heat transfer, and causes your system to work too hard. That raises your energy bills and even shortens the life of this expensive appliance. An annual cleaning is your best insurance of efficiency and long life.

Chicago Duct Cleaners will clean your central air conditioner properly. After removing the metal cover and grille, we will clean the blade, motor, and condenser coil. After replacing removed components, we’ll do a test of the unit to make sure it operates properly.

Air Conditioner A-Coil Cleaning Special – $127.00!

Hidden inside a housing in your furnace system, the air conditioning evaporator coil (A-Coil) works with your air conditioning condenser and the furnace blower to produce cool air for your home. During operation, the A-coil becomes very cold. Air is blown over it, then into the duct system to cool your home. When dust, dirt, or cat litter dust builds up on the A-coil, efficiency is reduced, forcing the system to run longer and waste money. Since cold attracts moisture, molds and mildew can build up on the A-coil, contributing to allergy problems in susceptible people. In the worst case, the coil can ice up, stopping your air conditioner completely.

To clean the A-Coil, our technician will partially remove it and carefully clean it. All dust, dirt, and debris will be removed. Once the coil is clean, we’ll check the air conditioner for correct operation.

Chicago Duct Cleaners – Our Combination Offers Mean Big Savings

Combine our Rotary Brush air duct cleaning with a cleaning of your central air conditioning unit, and pay only for the duct cleaning. It’s our way of thanking you for choosing Chicago Duct Cleaners. Our well-trained, courteous technician will get both jobs done quickly and efficiently, while you save money. Contact us today to schedule this service.