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Furnace Cleaning Service – Chicago, IL

When a gas-fired furnace operates, cold air enters the furnace through an air filter. That air is warmed in the heat exchanger section of the furnace and then blown through the air duct system into the rooms of the home. Dust and other contaminants often bypass the filter and enter the furnace’s combustion chamber and other parts.

This dust and dirt can cause serious damage over time. It affects all parts of the furnace, including the blower, motor, combustion chamber, and the filter system. Dirt in your furnace is a fuel waster and decreases furnace efficiency.

If the dirt and dust builds up sufficiently, it can even lead to premature failure of this expensive appliance and cost you thousands of dollars in replacement costs or repairs. You should have your furnace cleaned regularly to keep it in top operating condition.

FREE Furnace Cleaning Offer!

With the purchase of Air Sweep or Rotary Brush Duct Cleaning – For optimal performance, an annual furnace cleaning is recommended by all furnace manufacturers. A clean furnace is an efficient furnace, saving you money in energy costs. A furnace cleaning includes a complete inspection, as well, which can catch problems before they cause real trouble. Having your furnace cleaned and inspected is your best insurance against a winter breakdown.

Chicago Duct Cleaners will inspect and clean all parts of the furnace. The burners, flame sensor, igniter, blower motor and blower assembly will get a thorough cleaning. We’ll remove all debris, dust, and dirt from the surface and interior. Combine this with any duct cleaning, and you pay nothing extra. It’s absolutely free!

$53.00 Furnace Chimney Cleaning Special!

With the purchase of any duct cleaning – Furnace chimneys are prone to blockage and clogging by bird nests, dead animals, and even furnace exhaust deposits. This prevents the furnace from operating efficiency, and may even allow deadly Carbon Monoxide buildups in your home. Cleaning the furnace chimney eliminates these hazards. Carbon monoxide is a major threat to homeowners, with tragedies making the news throughout the heating season.

Chicago Duct Cleaners will use a steel brush to sweep the entire inside area of the chimney. Our powerful van-mounted vacuum will remove any dust and debris and send it to bags in the truck. We’ll also clean the any vent connectors between the furnace and hot water heater. Add this service to your duct cleaning at our low combination price.

Take Advantage of Our Free Furnace Cleaning!

Free Furnace Cleaning is a major advantage to hiring Chicago Duct Cleaners to clean your air ducts. We offer this free service as a major benefit of using our duct cleaning services. Add a small amount, and we’ll clean your furnace’s chimney too. We’re dedicated to customer service, and want every customer to be a satisfied customer. Contact us today to schedule this and other services.