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What’s that bad smell I detect when I turn on my furnace?

It’s probably just dust being heated up. Dust collects on your furnace’s heat exchanger during the seasons when the furnace is not in use. When you first turn the furnace on in the fall, that dust gets hot and you can smell it as the air circulates. Other odors come from accumulated contaminants in your air ducts, as well. In the worst case, a small animal may have died in the ductwork, leading to a constant horrible smell. Chicago Duct Cleaners recommends an annual duct and furnace cleaning annually. This cleaning will prevent such smells from occurring.

When should I have my ducts cleaned?

In a typical home, an annual cleaning, done just prior to the heating season is probably all you need. However, some situations require more frequent cleaning. If you have any of the following in your home, contact Chicago Duct Cleaners for expert advice:

Whenever you need air duct cleaning, Chicago Duct Cleaners will handle the job properly and at a reasonable price.

How do I know if the cleaning really worked?

You can do a visual check once your air ducts have been cleaned. If you can remove a register or vent, shine a flashlight into the ductwork and inspect it. If you see dust or debris, you should not consider the system to be clean. A properly cleaned duct system will reduce the dust that accumulates on your furniture and floor. It should also reduce allergy and asthma symptoms in residents. Chicago Duct Cleaners gives a 100% guarantee of satisfaction with every job. We do the job right the first time – every time.

How often should furnace filters be changed?

Different types of furnace filters require changing at different intervals. Check the label on your filter for the manufacturer’s recommendations, then change the filter at that interval.

If your home has smokers, pets, or allergy problems, you may want to change the filter more often. Filters are relatively inexpensive, and a clogged filter can lead to inefficient operation of your heating and cooling system. Regular filter changes help keep your ducts cleaner and your energy costs low.

Are there any other vents, ducts or other things that need cleaning?

There sure are, and the ones listed below are often neglected by Chicago homeowners:

Let Chicago Duct Cleaners handle all of your cleaning jobs. Our special combination prices help you save. By combining services when you have your ducts cleaned, our special pricing assures you that you are getting the lowest possible price.

Do you clean ductwork in commercial buildings?

Absolutely. Whether you own a store, apartment building, condo building, sports facility, or any other type of commercial building, dirty air ducts can make your employees suffer and reduce their productivity. In addition, if your business doesn’t smell and look fresh, customers will go elsewhere. Chicago Duct Cleaners will come to your business or commercial building and prepare a customized price quote for the services you need.

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