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MaxiSweep Duct Cleaning – The Ultimate Duct Cleaning Method – Chicago

You may have seen the ads from Chicago duct cleaning companies that offer “Good, Better & Best” cleaning methods. In far too many of these cases, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference in the results. At Chicago Duct Cleaners we have three duct-cleaning methods, at three different, economical prices. They all produce good results, but there are real and important differences between them.

Our MaxiSweep Duct Cleaning system provides the most complete and thorough cleaning of your heat and air conditioning duct system that’s possible to achieve. Better than any “Best” service offered by other companies, it removed the maximum amount of accumulated debris and contaminants from your ducts, using a multi-step, multi-tool process. We then add an additional step that disinfects and deodorizes the entire system.

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Not every home requires this level of cleaning. We recommend MaxiSweep for:

MaxiSweep Duct Cleaning is Different

Taking up to six hours to complete, MaxiSwee[ is a four-step process that removes all debris and dust from your entire air duct system. Every branch of the system is thoroughly cleaned, leaving behind only smooth, clean ducts. Then, we go one step further and disinfect the system with a patented fogging treatment. Here are the steps:

When the MaxiSweep process is complete, your ducts are like new, smell great, and all of the dust, allergens, and other contaminants are out of your home, ready for disposal. You’ll have complete peace of mind, knowing that you have the cleanest air duct system possible.

Note: Before MaxiSweep service begins, the homeowner should remove supply and return registers. If want our technicians to do this, there is an additional $8.00 charge per register. Since registers are often painted over or stuck in plaster or drywall walls, our Chicago Duct Cleaners is not liable for damage caused by removing registers. We are not liable for paint damage, chipped sheet rock and plaster, or scratched registers.

Chicago Duct Cleaners – Your MaxiSweep Professionals

MaxiSweep Air Duct Cleaning is the ultimate duct cleaning system. Whether you order it or any of our other cleaning services, we’ll always do the job completely and expertly. Every technician is factory-trained and has long experience with this process. There are never hidden charges or fees. All prices will be disclosed before we begin work. We guarantee your satisfaction 100%, and will re-clean your ducts at no charge if you are not satisfied. Contact Chicago Duct Cleaners today to schedule a MaxiSweep of your ductwork or any of our other services.