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Dust Inside The Air Ducts of Your Home in Chicago

Dust is the main component of the material that builds up in your air ducts. If you think about all the dust you wipe off the surfaces in your home, you can imagine how much can accumulate in your air ducts in just a year. The trouble is that you can’t dust inside your air ducts, so it just keeps accumulating there.

What makes up the dust in your home and in your air ducts is pretty amazing. Most Chicago Homeowners are surprised and alarmed when they discover the components and potentially harmful substances that are part of dust:

Your Chicago Home’s Air Ducts Collect Dust

Since all the air in your home circulates through your air ducts, anytime you use your furnace or central air conditioning, the dust circulates too. Although the filter in your furnace helps trap some of this dust, much still settles on the inside of your air ducts. Over time, it can build up into a thick layer.

Even though it settles, it doesn’t stop circulating in your home. Some of it is picked up by the air flowing through your ductwork and re-enters the air in your rooms. If you look closely at the heat register in a room you don’t use often, you can see the dust on the openings. That’s just a tiny fraction of what lies behind the register and lines every square inch of your ductwork.

That accumulation continues to re-circulate and causes turbulence in your ducts, reducing your heating and cooling system’s efficiency. The dust re-circulating in your home settles on surfaces and can even trigger allergies and asthma.

Chicago Duct Cleaners Gets Rid of Your Dust Problems

Eliminating accumulated dust in your Chicago home’s air ducts is Chicago Duct Cleaners’s specialty. Our powerful van-mounted equipment lets our expert technicians remove the accumulated contamination from your home quickly and efficiently. Your house will stay cleaner and allergy and asthma symptoms will be reduced. As a bonus, you’ll save on your energy bills. Contact us now or use our Schedule Services [link] online form to schedule a duct cleaning.