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The Air Ducts in your home are full of accumulated contaminants. These can include dust mites, pet hair and dander, bacteria, molds, fungi, fibers, and other dust. As the respiratory system of your home, the ducts circulate all the air in your home anytime the furnace or air conditioner is running. That circulating air results in a slow build-up of contaminants in your ductwork. That contaminating re-circulates through your home, in a never-ending cycle, and can cause allergies and even asthma. Only professional duct cleaning can remove this material and restore quality air to your home. We offer three types of duct cleaning service.

Air Sweep Special – $97.00 – Effective, Economical Duct Cleaning

Our popular and economical Air Sweep duct cleaning uses a high-powered van-mounted vacuum with a hose inserted into the main line of your ductwork. We close off all registers to create a vacuum in the ducts. Then, a special tool, using high-pressure compressed air, washes the ductwork, sweeping the dust and debris into the main trunk line and to the vacuum. This system is ideal for regular cleaning of light accumulations of dust and debris in your ducts.

Limited Time Offer: Free Furnace cleaning with Air Sweep Cleaning. We’ll thoroughly clean your furnace, inside and out at no additional charge.

Rotary Brush Cleaning Special – $197.95 – Deep Cleaning at an Affordable Price

Our Rotary Brush cleaning system uses a rotating brush, powered by compressed air to brush and vacuum the entire interior of your air ducts. The Rotary Brush loosens all residues better than air or hand methods can do. A strong vacuum nozzle sucks up the loosened debris, which is swept into our powerful van-mounted vacuum cleaner. Snaking throughout your air ducts, it is safe for all air duct shapes and types. It’s a thorough and complete cleaning, especially suited for moderate to heavy accumulations.

Limited Time Offer: Free Furnace and Air Conditioner Cleaning. At no additional cost to you, we will also clean your furnace and air conditioner unit completely as part of the Rotary Brush cleaning.

MaxiSweep Duct Cleaning Special – $358.95

Exclusively in the Chicago Area, Chicago Duct Cleaners offers our MaxiSweep service. A four-step cleaning process for your ducts, it uses the patented air-powered Predator Brush, with eight tentacles that whip the dust and debris from your ducts. That’s followed by a rotary brush, also air-powered, to further clean the ducts. The loosened debris is forced into the main truck, where our powerful van-mounted vacuum removes it completely from your home. Finally, our Oxine disinfectant fog destroys biological contaminants and freshens your duct system. Click Here to Learn More.

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Chicago Duct Cleaners offers complete duct-cleaning services to homes and business in the entire Chicago area. We have the state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained professional technicians you need to do the job properly. We’re ready whenever you need us. Contact Chicago Duct Cleaners today.